Friday, 14 March 2014

Week 79

As expected, I got a phone call from my Doctor's surgery last week, telling me that my vitamin B12 levels are normal, but - wait for the but - but, they told me my folic acid levels were low. So low, in fact, my GP had written me out a 3 month prescription for folic acid supplements. I asked the receptionist what the symptoms of a folic acid deficiency were, and she informed me that common symptoms are tiredness, having little energy (lethargy), feeling faint, or dizzy and becoming easily breathless. Well that explains a lot!

A bit of research with my mate Google, and I also discovered that not so common symptoms include headaches, heartbeats suddenly becoming noticeable (palpitations), altered taste and ringing in the ears (tinnitus). You may look pale.
Other symptoms may include numbness is your hands and feet. Some people may also have depression. Numbness in hands and feet, you say? Ha! I'm not a Doctor, but I can tell you that my numb hands and feet are nothing to do with me not eating enough broccoli, brussels, or any other vegetables high in folic acid!

Does this mean I'm anaemic then? The Pharmacist told me not necessarily, but I could've ended up that way had my blood not been checked. Yay. Go me! Going to see my Doctor wasn't 'an exercise in futility' (Pulp Fiction) after all. 

I've been taking 5mg of folic acid daily since Monday and so far there hasn't been any noticeable changes, but it's probably too early. As well as the fatigue, I'm hoping my dizziness will subside too. I've had a few falls this week. Three already in March to be precise, and a fair few of my recent 'carpet dives'of late have been due to a loss of balance, rather than a slump to the ground because of a weakness in the legs. 

Here's hoping the 'proper' falls start to stop (???) soon. 

Happy Friday ,


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  1. Folate
    There is a blood test that can see if your body can convert folic acid . There may be
    Mthfr genetic defect
    Body may not be converting it properly.
    Let us all know!