Friday, 21 March 2014

Week 80

The folic acid tablets are going well. I did a 12 mile run the other day and I didn't fall over asleep once. 

Okay, some (all) of that isn't completely true, but my fatigue ain't too bad at present. That could be the drugs, it could be that the invisible monster is on the decline anyway, or it could be a combination of both? Does it really matter? Who cares? Not me. 

One thing that has improved over the last few weeks is my balance. I haven't had a single fall in that time because of lack of it - I won't be publishing this blog until tomorrow, let's hope I don't have to delete this paragraph between now and then. That surely is the increased levels of folic acid in my system preventing the dizziness, that caused the head spins and potential falls when I stood up, or even when I changed direction when walking. 

I have met a lot of people with MS over the years and I consider most of them as friends, so I do get to chat to MSers about this wonderful illness that we share. They're the best people to talk to about it; forget you're Consultants, your Doctors, even your MS nurses, your fellow MSers really do understand you. 

I was speaking to someone about it recently. I was moaning about my fatigue issues and she suggested I start taking 'B' vitamins. I had already tried taking vitamin B12 in tablet form, all to no avail, so I stated my reluctance to try them as if you start going down the supplement trail, when do you stop? You'll rattle every time you move and it'll cost a fortune. However, they contain so much potential benefits, I've decided to give them a bash. I mean, what harm can keeping your B1,2,3,6 and 12 levels topped up do? They're not expensive either. It's just two more pills added to the ever increasing list of tablets I take each day. If you're interested in trying them, here's a link to the ones I've just ordered. Cheap as chips:

Once again, I have managed to get through a Gilenya diary entry without actually mentioning the drug. Why do you read this drivel?

Happy Friday, folks. 


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