Friday, 4 April 2014

Week 82

My vitamin B capsules turned up the other day - my God they smell awful - and I'm taking 2 a day. 

I don't expect to see any improvements taking vitamin B. I'm doing it to keep my B vitamin levels as high as I can. They are also a source of folic acid, and for whatever reason, those levels dropped very low recently. 

I've been taking folic acid for nearly a month now and I don't feel dizzy  or light headed any more. I assume my anaemic symptoms have 'left the building' because I'm no longer deficient in folic acid. I've still got another 2 months worth of folic acid to take, and I'll continue to take them until they're all gone.

So what happens next? That's where the vitamin B supplements get involved. As well as the promised vitamins, they also contain folic acid. 200% recommend daily allowance (RDA) in fact, so this means I can now stop smoking asparagus and stop injecting grapefruit juice!!

So how does Gilenya fit in with all this? It doesn't. I've rummaged around the web and I didn't find any incidence where a link between a folic acid deficiency and Gilenya (or any another MS treatment) has been mentioned. We need to remember that not all of our health issues are because of this illness. I need to try and 'practice what I preach' because I blame everything wrong with me on MS. 

So how comes I became deficient in folic acid in the first place then? It's quite possibly diet related, but it's more than likely because I've got MS. Oh...?

Enjoy the natural vitamin D, all. 


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